We believe that a ‘world-class’ curriculum facilitates personal development, equipping students to engage in the crucial debates and conversations of their time - preparing them for the demands of local, national and international society.

We must provide a curriculum for our students that allows them to attain high quality qualifications routed in a deep foundation of transferrable knowledge acquired from a range of subject areas. In a context where limited experiences of different religions, cultures and travel outside of the South West are common it is incumbent on our curriculum to facilitate these opportunities. The curriculum must ensure that students progress on from Tor Bridge High with the awareness and understanding to allow them to both integrate and flourish in a modern democratic society.


The Journey

Students continue their journey from primary school and enter Tor Bridge High, immediately engaging in their Experience phase. Here they have the opportunity to experience the full breadth of the curriculum- studying a range of performing and visual arts disciplines, technology specialisms alongside the more traditional academic subjects. This continues into year 9 where they enter the Extend phase- core knowledge from their first 2 years is embedded and extended. Students will have the opportunity to specialise by choosing their preferred Arts and Technology specialism. Students will experience a new subject – Cultures and Values. This builds on their previous Religious Studies work in year 7 and 8 whilst incorporating non examined key components of personal development and cultural awareness. Students make their GCSE option choices in the Spring of Year 9 and during the Expand phase of year 10 and 11 students are fully immersed in GCSE studies- using prior knowledge to allow them to tackle new and challenging concepts. Students then move towards the specialist Expert phase of post 16 – choosing 3 subjects from a range of academic and vocational courses to really explore in depth and prepare them for further education. A fundamental aspect of our curriculum that underpins and enriches the learning experience is our Guided Reading programme. Taking place every morning from year 7 until the end of year 10 students are exposed to, and immersed in, texts that support their understanding of the world and their cross curricular learning.

“The book is about the enduring power of reading to shape and develop minds, both in the classroom and, ultimately, outside of it.”  - Doug Lemov, 2018

Reading is...singular in importance because all school subjects rely on it.” - Doug Lemov, 2018.