Amazing Art Work

What has lockdown been like for our photography students? Every lesson students had different photographic challenges with video tutorials demonstrating how they can achieve a range of effects and styles. Throughout the eight weeks students have improved their camera skills and demonstrated their creativity, as well as learning to edit using free software accessible through the internet.

Just mastering the basics can be an enduring experience when you are at home, learning virtually. We are extremely proud of the way our students have risen to the challenge, running around their homes in search for those objects, arranging them and sourcing good backdrops, often persuading the assistance of a parent or sibling to hold up coloured sheets of paper or help them arrange their compositions, or even being the subject for their photography.

Throughout this lockdown process, through the eyes of a teacher, it has been an enlightening experience where I could give valued feedback. I could give encouragement, advice and positive remarks. As time went on through lockdown I had a visual journey of each student’s achievement – every lesson I could see them develop into more confident photographers. I could see their strengths growing and their areas for improvement decreasing.

One such student has gone from strength to strength. She has completed every lesson and every homework – she has worked extra hours to achieve the best to her ability and I commend her on that. An artist is someone who practices their methods and skills tirelessly to achieve as near to perfection as they can get it. Here are just a few of her works – there were so many I could have chosen from. The future for her as she begins her GCSEs next year looks very promising and I feel very privileged to have been teaching her this year.

Mrs Platt

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