Bus Routes Sept 2020

With the withdrawal of the Stage Coach Services 804 and 805 by the company we are pleased to announce that Citybus have amended and introduced extra services to cover these routes

Below is a brief explanation of the routes:


  • Service 28S will provide a link from Eggbuckland, leaving Culver Way at 0749. Return bus is service 28s.

  • Service 50S will provide a link from Southway & Woolwell, leaving the junction of Southway Drive & Tamerton Foliot Road at 0744, Clittaford Road (The Falstaff) 0746 and Widewell at 0751.  Return bus is service the 51S.

  • Service 106 will provide a link from Roborough By Pass at 0745 & Woolwell (School Drive) at 0750. Return bus is service 106.




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