May The 4th - Student Sci-Fi Library Event

May the 4th is universally known as Star Wars day because of the easily made pun on the iconic expression from the Star Wars movies “May the Force be with you’ into ‘May the 4th be with you.’

Here at Tor Bridge High library May the 4th saw the start of our promotion of all things sci-fi.

Students were able to come down to the library all week to discover new worlds, far, far away by borrowing one of our fantastic sci-fi books and to take part in lots of out of this world activities.

During lunch students tested their Jedi skills and fought the dark side:

• Helping the rebels destroy the Death Star

• Using their Jedi senses to test the power of smell

• Creating a Yoda origami figure and BB-8 bookmark

• Competing in a Force Awakens memory game and lots, lots more.

All students who borrowed a sci-fi book were also treated to a fantastic Star Wars themed bookmark.

The week proved popular, particularly with year 7 and 8 students who relished the opportunity to become Jedi Masters.

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