Tor Bridge High Engineering Education Scheme Graduates

Recently our team of four budding engineers were assessed on the completion of a four-month project and we are proud to say that they have all been accredited with an Industrial Cadets Gold Award. The team this year consisted of Lucas, Owen, Jack and Ben. Their task was to design an automated steering solution that would be able to survive critical failures; a complicated task that tackled both mechanical engineering and electronic engineering.


The team had to work to COVID restrictions, which did raise some issues with regards to meeting up. Like all industries in this trying time they had to result to the use of virtual meetings. For the completion of this project the team had to show a very high level of resilience and had to continually work on communication, delegation and teamwork.


We would also like to take this opportunity to thank Infineon Technologies and in particular the team’s assigned mentors Dave Addison and Tom Gilbert.

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