Our Governors

Nicola Dowrick Chair of Governors
Graham Roser
Graham Roser Headteacher
Charlie Huitson
Charlie Huitson Vice Chair of Governors & Chair of Finance, Human Resources and Audit Committee
Beryl Badger Chair of Achievement and Curriculum Committee
Jon Byatt Disciplinary Committee
Martin Bowles
Martin Bowles Parent Governor
Michael Walton
Michael Walton Governor
Sharon Mercer
Sharon Mercer Governor
Lynn Trotter
Lynn Trotter Governance Professional (Clerk to the Governors)

Governor Documentation

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Become a Trustee for Tor Bridge High Academy Trust!


Volunteering as a trustee (school governor) is a challenging but rewarding role that offers the opportunity to make a difference for children and young people in your community.

About the role


Governors - those who govern are responsible for:

  • developing a vision and strategy for the school;
  • overseeing the financial performance of the school and making sure its money is well spent;
  • holding the school leader to account to ensure that every pupil has the best possible education;
  • engaging with pupils, staff, parents and the school community to understand their views of the school.   


In practice, this means looking at information and evidence in order to have conversations and ask school leaders questions about the school. You will help decide how the school's budget is spent. In certain circumstances, you will also make decisions about things like pupil exclusions and staff disciplinary matters.

To fulfil the role you will need to:

  • attend regular meetings (around 6 each year);
  • visit the school(s) occasionally;
  • do some background reading;
  • take part in induction training and ongoing development.‚Äč

There are no specific qualifications or requirements for the role – take a quick look at the YouTube video below that has been produced by the National Governance Association (NGA)

Everyone on Board Campaign: Increasing diversity in school governance.


All ethnic minorities remain significantly and consistently underrepresented at a national level on governing boards. According to NGA's annual governance survey 2021, 93% of respondents to the survey are white, 1% are from mixed or multiple ethnic groups, 3% are Asian, 1% are Black with the reminder other or ‘rather not say’. This compares to a pupil population where 73% of school pupils are white, 6% Black, 12% Asian, 6% mixed or multiple groups and 2% another ethnic minority, according to the annual school governance survey 2021.


By age, 9% of governance volunteers are aged under 40, including 1% aged under 30. Around three in four volunteers are aged between 40 and 70. There are more volunteers aged over 80 than under 30.

There are however positive signs that with new volunteers, the diversity of boards is improving. Of those volunteers that have joined their board within the past year, 88% are white, 3% from mixed groups, 5% are Asian, and 3% are Black. Of those volunteers that have joined their board within the past year, 31% are aged under 40.


To address this historic underrepresentation, and to improve outcomes for all pupils, the Everyone on Board campaign aims to increase the participation of people from ethnic minorities and young people in school governance.


About our School


Our vision is that Tor Bridge High is the school of choice, providing a springboard to a fulfilling, independent future for all our students. We deliver a wide and balanced learning experience and opportunities to progress academically, emotionally and socially. We enable students to become the best they can be.


Our well established and embedded arts ethos encourages our students to be creative and, on an individual level, to be ambitious for themselves. This, added to a highly personalised curriculum with breadth, balance and depth, ensures academic challenge and excellence for each individual to attain the qualifications they need to be successful beyond school. We aim to equip all students to be able to engage in the debates and conversations of their time, preparing them for the challenges of our local, national and international society. All students, including those with limited exposure to different religions, cultures and travel outside of the immediate area, will have a curriculum that facilitates opportunities to expand their horizons and broaden their experience, overtly in creativity and the arts.


A sound preparation for life and work is key and at all levels Tor Bridge High students are encouraged to have high aspirations for their further or higher education and careers.


We are a highly supportive and inclusive school. Our “small school” structure ensures all our students are really well known as individuals. We create a vibrant and all-embracing culture where students are valued, nurtured and protected. We promote good behaviour through conduct, self-discipline and respect, developing enthusiasm to ensure all aspects of learning, creativity and drive for academic success are achieved. We work closely with parents, so that together in true partnership everything possible is in place to secure your child’s happiness and success at school.


Tor Bridge High in Plymouth, rated Good in all aspects by Ofsted in November 2021, was described as a school where “Teachers’ high expectations of pupils means that work is well presented and completed to a high standard”, that “The school prides itself on learning free from disruption...pupils enjoy school and say that they feel safe” and “Staff and pupils have strong relationships”.  As well as this endorsement Tor Bridge High has been oversubscribed consistently for many years. 


Trustees are volunteers who want to make a positive contribution to children's education. They don't need to be education experts or have formal qualifications.


If you're interested in applying to become a trustee please contact our Governance Professional; Lynn Trotter on 01752 207872 or