Curriculum Structure

Curriculum - Year 7 - 9

In year 7 students study a core curriculum of English (4 periods), Maths (4 periods) and Science1 (3 periods per week).

Alongside this students study Technology2 (2 periods), Humanities3 (3 periods), Physical Education (2 periods), Performing Arts4 (2 periods), Modern Languages5 (2 periods), Art and Design6 (2 periods) and PSHE (1 period).


Students will cover aspects of the three science disciplines- biology, chemistry and physics.

2Technology is taught on a rotation with students gaining experience in Food Technology, Computer Science, Engineering and Textiles.

3In year 7 Humanities is taught thematically with each theme having an element of History, Geography and Religious Education.

Students have 1 period of music and 1 period of drama per week.

5Students will study either French or Spanish. Parents/students can request a language choice prior to entry otherwise allocation is based on student preference where possible.

6During Year 7 students undertake a carousel of fine art, 3D textiles and graphic design.


In year 8 the curriculum rolls on from Year 7 with students moving to discrete periods in history, geography and religious studies (one period of each per week). In Art and Design students make subject preferences and where possible students will follow a programme in year 8 of one of the year 7 carousel disciplines.

For a select number of students for whom it is deemed appropriate provision for an extra period of mathematics and/or English can be made available. Where this happens the student does not follow a modern language programme at key stage 3.



Year 9

In year 9 students have a core curriculum of English (4 periods), Mathematics (4 periods),Science (3 periods) and 2 periods of History, Geography, Languages and Cultures and Values per week. In addition, they have 1 period of PE per week and 1 period of PSHE that covers the wider aspects of healthy relationships, healthy living and appropriate lifestyle choices.

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Curriculum - Year 10 - 11

Students make their GCSE options in year 9 – studying English, Maths, Science and Culture and Values as the core alongside 3 selected option subjects. All of these courses continue with all exams being completed at the end course in the summer of Year 11.

Curriculum - Post 16

Students in year 11 are introduced to the courses and pathways on offer at Post 16 through a series of assemblies jointly delivered by the subject leads and the Head of Sixth Form. A Post 16 Open Evening gives the opportunity for students and parents/ carers to explore the progression routes in greater detail.

The IAG co-coordinator is on hand to support students and this process will have started well in advance of year 11.

3 pathways are available to students: a pre apprenticeship route, a level 3 vocational route and a Level 3 academic route – the last 2 of which may be combined.

On the Academic and Level 3 vocational pathways students will make provisional subject choices – choosing from 4 option blocks. The expectation is that students will choose 3 subjects to study for 2 years. In some circumstances students will study 4 subjects at Post 16.

On the pre apprenticeship pathway students will select a vocational area from a city wide offer and will study through a combination of work experience and in school/ college study.

To complement the academic study students will undertake a programme of enrichment activities which may include extended project, community commitment, work experience, Duke Of Edinburgh, Ten Tors, Crest Award, Young Enterprise and Sports Leadership Awards.

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Curriculum - Extra Curricular

On the first day of Year 7 students attend an extracurricular clubs fair where departments from across the school promote their own range of extracurricular opportunities. These cover areas from explosive science to IT, horticulture to art and cooking to basketball.

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