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At Tor Bridge High we believe that effective CEIAG is a very important aspect of our students' education. Good quality careers education and guidance helps raise aspirations, student outcomes and their engagement with learning. It has also proven effective in preventing students from becoming NEET (not in education, employment or training) and we are extremely proud of our NEET rate which has remained below the national average.

In addition to this, we want our students to be well informed individuals. We want them to be inspired about what they can do next and what they can achieve. We want them to know about all of the options which are available to them and embrace the opportunities which are ahead. We also want to ensure that all of our students feel that they can navigate their way through the many possibilities which are available and feel confident in their decisions about their future career paths.


We have a stable careers programme which corresponds with the new government careers strategy and the 8 Gatsby benchmarks. All careers advice is provided by a qualified and experienced Careers Practitioner who is registered with the Career Development Institute, and we also hold a range of activities and programmes to inspire and inform our students – please see our annual career plan and policy for full details.

Year 10 Work Experience

Please find the resources required below to support students to prepare for and complete work experience during 8th – 12th July 2024. The Unifrog Placements Tool help guides can be located here:

Careers Policies

Careers by Year

Year 7 - Aspirations

What are my skills, what could I be?

We start Year 7 with an aspirations questionnaire to start them thinking about what they want to achieve in the future. It also helps the school to inform the careers programme. During students' first year at Tor Bridge High we focus very much on gathering ideas and inspiration. We open up students' eyes to the types of jobs and careers there are and what they could go on to achieve.

We invite alumni in to meet with our students and talk about the jobs which they now do.


Year 7 students also have sessions with the Careers Adviser who carries out activities with them in small groups to look at job sectors and aspirations.

Students have access to their Unifrog careers platform from Year 7 so that they can independently research careers. Unifrog sessions are also delivered in class to Year 7s, three times a year.

Labour Market

Labour Market Information

Understanding Labour Market Information (LMI) is becoming more and more important as the world changes, so that all students can be aware of where different job roles are needed around the country and what types of jobs may need more people in the future. Below is information on what labour market information actually means.


LMI means finding out the following things about different job roles or career pathways:

  • What do people actually do in this job/industry?

  • How many people work in this job/industry?

  • How much do people get paid in this job/industry?

  • What qualifications do I need to do this job?

  • What skills or qualities do I need to do this job?

  • What are the typical working hours for this job?

  • What percentage of men/women work in this job/industry?

  • Where can this job/industry take me in the future?

  • Where are these jobs located around the country?

  • How many of these jobs will there be in the future?


What are the growing sectors?

  • Healthcare

  • Green Jobs

  • Construction

  • Engineering

  • Marine Defence


The Plymouth Labour Market

For specific information about the labour market in Plymouth, there is a wonderful section on Skills Launchpad Plymouth which talks about Plymouths growing sectors of work such as Healthcare, Marine and Defence, Construction and the Built Environment, Manufacturing and Engineering, and Green Jobs.

We embed Labour Market Information into our careers programme through small group extractions with the Careers Adviser, curriculum lessons, our Unifrog programme and employer visits. Students and parents can access a wide range of Labour Market Information through their Unifrog account by researching the careers library which gives information on all of the above questions.

Please watch this video to find out more about how to use this great careers platform 



Research has shown that that the quantity and quality of employer engagement experienced by young people while in school or college makes a significant difference to how well they do in the world of work in their twenties. We work with a vast variety of different organisations and employers so that we can offer as many opportunities as possible for our students. These employers, higher education institutions and organisations help with student employability, raising aspirations, providing work placements and raising the profile of various career options.

During the year, we hold a careers fair, careers talks, employability workshops, as well as various presentations and workshops with external visitors. If you are an organisation or employer and would like to help, please contact Miss Wright, Careers Lead, on 01752 207907 or

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