At Tor Bridge High we believe that effective CEIAG is a very important aspect of our students education. Good quality Careers Education and guidance helps raise aspirations, student outcomes and their engagement with learning. It has also proven effective in preventing students from becoming NEET (not in education, employment or training) and we are extremely proud of our NEET rate which has remained below the national average.

 In addition to this, we want our students to be well informed individuals. We want them to be inspired about what they can do next and what they can achieve. We want them to know about all of the options which are available to them and embrace the opportunities which are ahead. We also want to ensure that all of our students feel that they can navigate their way through the many possibilities which are available and feel confident in their decisions about their future career paths.

We have a stable careers programme which corresponds with the new government careers strategy and the 8 Gatsby benchmarks. All careers advice is provided by a qualified and experienced Careers Practitioner who is registered with the Career Development Institute and we also hold a range of activities and programmes to inspire and inform our students – please see our annual career plan and policy for full details.


What are my skills, what could I be?

We start year 7 with an aspirations questionnaire to start them thinking about what they want to achieve in the future. It also helps the school to inform the careers programme. During students first year at Tor Bridge we focus very much on gathering ideas and inspiration. We open up students eyes to the types of jobs and careers there are and what they could go on to achieve.

We invite alumni in to meet with our students and talk about the jobs which they now do. Year 7 students also have sessions with the careers Adviser who carries out activities with them in small groups to look at job sectors and aspirations.

Students have access to their Unifrog careers platform from year 7 so that they can independently research careers. Unifrog sessions are also delivered in class to year 7s 3 X a year.

During year 8, we want students to really begin to see the connection between their subjects and various careers. Lesson are linked to careers wherever possible and this carries on throughout school life. Small group work with the careers adviser continues so that students can explore further job sectors and Labour Market Information. Students will also have the chance to take part in STEM activities such as STEMfest and also attend the popular TBH Career Fair. Students will also receive 3 X taught Unifrog sessions during the year.

Year 9 is a poignant year as it is time to choose GCSE options. Therefore the careers programme has a focus on this and students are often considering their career ideas around now. There is a careers presence at all options evenings and input into the options process and literature. Students also receive a year of PSHE lessons which includes a unit on careers.

They will be able to learn about work experience, careers, University and labour Market Information. They will also meet with a University and an employer as part of the unit so that they can find out more about the future options available to them. Students will also receive 3 X taught Unifrog sessions during the year.

The key focus of year 10 is gaining experience in the world of work. We run a work experience week in the July of year 10 and students gain so much from this experience. It genuinely helps students to improve their confidence, to go on to secure future employment or apprenticeships and gives them so many new skills. A lot of year 10 is focused on gaining employability skills such as teamwork and also preparing for work experience by contacting employers, attending sessions about how to behave during work experience.

Following that week, students will also complete a CV during their lessons. Students also receive 3 X taught Unifrog sessions this year specifically around employability skills as they are so important to the working world. Students also attend small group work sessions with the Careers Adviser on Labour Market Information. 

It is so important for our students to make well informed choices about their future. There are so many options out there now for young people leaving school but this can make it a bit confusing for those about to embark on a new journey. To start the year, students receive assemblies/enrichment sessions about different post 16 pathways. These include apprenticeships, colleges and sixth form. There is also a series of employer led assemblies so that students can find out more about the local labour market.

All year 11s will also attend the annual careers fair so they can find out more about careers. We hold apprenticeship workshops, CV workshops and also deliver taught Unifrog sessions about post 16 options and employability. Students can also attend the TBH sixth form open evening to find out more about options at Tor Bridge.

Year 12 begins with a trip to a University so that students can see first hand what a University campus is like. Following this, they can attend the UCAS convention and the national apprenticeships roadshow. Year 12 is a great time to take part in extra curricular activities to give our students the competitive edge for their apprenticeship or University applications and so students can take part in ‘You’re Hired’ competition, Young Enterprise or Engineering Education Scheme. Students will also carry out a weeks work experience in July.

Our students are also taught about a range of post 18 options and can attend appointments and drop in session with the careers adviser. We also run a range of University and employer sessions during the year for our sixth formers to attend. Year 12 students also receive taught Unifrog sessions during tutorial time.

Year 13 is packed with employer and University talks and workshops. It is important that students are aware that there are many high quality options other than University. There are some wonderful higher and degree apprenticeship opportunities with companies such as Babcock, KPMG, HMRC, PWC etc.. and we promote all options to our students. Students spend part of this year working on their UCAS and apprenticeship applications and will attend a variety of workshops and sessions to assist with this.

Students can attend the apprenticeship roadshow in Exeter and also mock interviews to help with their techniques. There are a host of opportunities available through organisation which we work with which are also promoted to our students such as Exeter Scholars, Sutton Trust, Villier park, Year in Industry as well as Nuffield Research placements. Students are also encouraged to book careers appointments with the careers adviser.