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Careers – Teachers

There are many reasons why careers education, information, advice and guidance is important in schools. Firstly, we don’t only want to equip our children with qualifications but we also want to equip them with high aspirations so that they can reach their potential in the working world. We want them to have meaningful experiences with employers and alumni so that can feel inspired and excited about their future, and we want to empower them with career management skills and the knowledge to make an informed decision about their future so that they can flourish after they have left us.

When a student can relate a subject to real life and put it into context, they can then see how it is relevant. Students may also feel inspired to do well and work harder as they have a particular ambition which requires them to do so. 

1.    One of Tor Bridge High's strategic objectives is ‘Maintain high quality, impartial IAG to ensure all students are prepared well for the next stage of their education, training or employment'
2.    Research has also proven that good quality careers advice and careers encounters has a positive impact on GCSE results. You can read more here
3.    Gatsby Benchmark 4 requires curriculum areas to link their subject to careers wherever possible – please see your careers champion for further information

Please see below for various resources which will help you embed careers education into your subjects

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