Post 16 Transitions

Year 11 Transitions

Vocational Step Up Materials - Transitional Work 2021






There are many post 16 opportunities available for students at Tor Bridge High. The three main pathways are:
Pathway 1: A Level courses, level 3 courses that provide students with the subject knowledge and entry level requirements to enter into university or higher level apprenticeships. Subject choices include English literature & language, History, Law, Psychology, Biology and Art to name a few!
Pathway 2: A Level 3 BTEC programme which provides a more hands on learning experience but provides student with the entry requirements for University of higher level apprenticeships, subjects include business, engineering, art and design, sport and many more...
Pathway 3: A pre-apprenticeship vocational option for students who wish to study more practical courses and subjects which provide them with the skills required to progress to apprenticeship courses. Subjects include mechanics, bricklaying, childcare, beauty therapy and marine engineering to name a few.
As we go through the academic year students will be provided with a wide range of information about course options and 6th Form life. This page will be regularly updated with the information that students receive to enable parents and students to understand their post-16 options.