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Sparx Maths

Remote Learning

Key Information:

  • All Remote Learning will be through Google Classroom-If you need a reminder of how to access Google Classroom then this video will help

  • If your child has any issues with computer access please contact their Year of Year asap and we will support where we can.

  • The school day will begin at 8.40am with tutor messages and at 8.50am materials for the Reading Program will be posted to the Tutor Stream

  • All timetabled lessons will then start at the usual lesson times (with break and lunchtime at the same times)

  • Engagement with all Remote Learning is compulsory - curriculum content will be covered as it would have been in class.

  • There will be a mix of lesson format- some will be resources for students to work through independently, some will be narrated PowerPoint resources, some will be lessons through Google Meet and some will be links to other high quality curriculum resources (Oak National Academy etc).

  • Teachers will be available for the duration of each lesson to support students through the use of private messages and through the monitoring of work through Google Docs etc.

  • Google Quizzes will be set for every Friday in line with normal home learning procedures.

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