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Mobile Phone Use

Mobile Phone use

Mobile Phones can be brought to school and used at break and lunchtime, and before school. At 8.25am & when you hear the bells at 11.27 after break & at 1.55pm after lunch the phone must go away

  • Phones cannot be used in between lessons.

  • Phones cannot be out or used in lessons unless your teacher has given you permission.

  • Phones will be confiscated if out between lessons or in lesson.

Timings of the Day

The Tor Bridge High school day

08:40 - Tutorial
09:10 - Lesson 1
10:10 - Lesson 2
11:10 - Break Time
11:30 - Lesson 3
12:30 - Lesson 4
13:30 - Lunch Time
14:00 - Lesson 5
15:00 - End of Day

Internet Safety

Internet and General Safety

Road Safety

Cyber Bullying

Missing People: To report a sighting 24hr freephone 0500 700 700, to report a missing person contact the police

Police : 

Emergency 999,

Non urgent call 101,

Plymouth Youth Issues Team 01752 720585/720579

Crime Stoppers 0800 555 111



Handy Educational Links

Handy Education Links


BBC Bitesize




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