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About Us

About Us

The Catering team at Tor Bridge High are working to provide a bespoke variety of meal options for our students, that are made in-house every day, fresh and delicious. We use local suppliers and fresh ingredients whenever possible to provide our students with nutritious, filling and exciting options.

Our Catering team work closely with the schools and students to listen to their suggestions and ensure that we are providing the food they want, whilst maintaining that important balance to support their learning and wellbeing.

Our students can enjoy a free breakfast of toast and jam etc... on site every morning from 7:30am that can set them up for a day of learning to ensure they have the energy to make it through.

As we develop our food offering to the students, we are ensuring that we retain the value for money aspect for all our meals by making as much of our items in-house as possible, whilst adapting our recipes to ensure they are balanced and notorious.

We offer options at break from fresh fruit slices, fruit pots, freshly made baguettes, wraps and rolls alongside quick and easy grabs of homemade pizza torpedoes, locally made Cornish pasties and a hearty bacon or sausage bap.

At lunch, our students can grab a chef special meal pot of the day, hot filling hand snack made fresh, a pasta pot with homemade sauce, fresh jacket potato and topping, or select from our varied salad bar with homemade quiche option. These options listed above all come in our meal deal options where they can grab the main part of the dish, a fruit slice, yogurt or jelly with bottled water for £2.90.

For those sweet-tooth moments, each day we make a fresh batch of cakes that are varied and full of flavour. We even provide healthy alternatives that have no or little refined sugar, using the natural goodness of the fruits and honey to provide that sweet hit.

We can accommodate a very wide range of allergen needs and dietary requests. Each student can come and speak to the Catering Manager, construct a menu to suit their needs and receive a freshly made meal, every day.


Our Menus


Local Suppliers: Fresh, Local, Seasonal.

Raising the awareness of the use of fresh food and fresh local ingredients to your children and their families has never been more important.
That’s why, at CATERed we have focussed on improving our procurement and sourcing of high quality local food, produce and products.
We are proud of the fact that all of our suppliers are based either in Plymouth or the South-west and this has not only significantly reduced our carbon foot-print for deliveries and increased our spend into the local economy by over £1.6m over the current contract period.  

  • Meat - all of our meat is now locally sourced from within the South-west, turkey on our menu is Freedom Food accredited.  Our butcher is based in Helston, Cornwall.

  • Fresh fruit and vegetables - 55% of the produce is grown and harvested within 30 miles of our wholesaler.  Our wholesaler is based in Saltash, Cornwall.

  • Fish - fish fillets are locally caught and landed pollock and our home-made fish cakes are made using a mix of pollock and MSC salmon. Our fishmonger is based at Coxside in Plymouth.

  • Free-range eggs – we use only free-range eggs in our recipes.  As a result, we have been awarded the Good Egg Award from Compassion in World Farming

  • Organic – we use organic milk & yoghurts, wholemeal  flour and herbs & spices

Our suppliers have signed up to support the service and the local economy and,  through the philosophy of Food for Life, deliver items that have been grown and harvested, reared and produced in the South-west.  We are a founder member of The Plymouth Food Charter and we are committed to local sourcing and daily fresh food production.  

Healthy Food
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