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Tor Bridge High expects all students to be ‘business’ smart in a white shirt, black trousers/skirt, back footwear, black jacket and small school tie (Tenzing, Austen or Faraday). Please do not allow your child to buy a shorter than above knee-length skirt (no stretchy materials to be worn).

Students can purchase uniform that matches their gender identity from any shop, as long as it is not stretchy or pull on, and it matches our preferred uniform styles from Trutex:

Students also need to wear PE kit during PE lessons.


PE kit

Plain black jogging bottoms or shorts (any brand, no logos), ‘Small School' PE top. Long hair must be tied up. Gumshields, shin pads to prevent injuries may be required at different times during the year. PE teachers will tell your child when these items are needed.

We encourage all parents/carers to buy their child the correct uniform that follows school policy. This will ensure that your child does not face challenges at the gate at the start of each day.

If there is a reason that your child is not wearing their school uniform properly, or if you are experiencing financial difficulties purchasing the uniform, please call your child’s School Office, where staff will be happy to help.


Please order your PE kit via this link



Students are allowed one piercing only in each ear lobe (no other part of the ear, face or body should have piercings), no jewellery other than a wristwatch is allowed.

Hair styles must be cut to no less than a ‘grade’ 2 length, with no tramlines. Hair colour should be a natural shade, blues, greens, reds, purples are not permitted.

False/acrylic/overly long nails, false eyelashes or excessive makeup are not allowed.


If students dye their hair or have any piercings over the holidays, natural hair colour dye should be used to cover unnatural colours and all piercings removed, before they return to school.

Hoodies/sweatshirts are not allowed in school, and these items of clothing should not be brought into school.


Any student who does not follow the Tor Bridge High Dress Code will be issued a break and detention.


Students who continue to ignore the policy, will receive further sanctions and these can be seen in the Tor Bridge High Behaviour for Learning Policy.

Nearly New Shop

We are looking to offer good quality secondhand items of school uniform at discounted prices. This will be achieved through the generosity of parents and carers donating their children's uniforms.


If you would like to purchase items then we are asking that you e-mail our school offices:





Stock can then be checked and if we have the appropriate items we will arrange for you to come into school to view and collect. We are unable to offer ad-hoc requests to come in due to staff availability. If you would like to donate items, these can be left with reception.

School Bag
Strong and large enough to carry all necessary equipment and kit.
Outer garment
No hoodies, no denim jackets or furry jackets/cardigans to be worn.
Students can wear a watch non-smart), one stud earring in each ear lobe (no larger than 0.5cm in diameter).
Not compulsory - plain black opaque no less than 60 denier, no visible rips or ladders.
All Black Footwear
Plain all black footwear, low heels and low soles, leather or similar material.
Plain socks – white, grey or black.
Black school skirt
Tailored skirts should be worn. Skirts should be of a business smart length and not be stretchy or rolled up.
Black school trousers
Black tailored trousers should be worn. Prohibited trouser styles include but are not limited to stretchy, leggings or tracksuit bottoms low rise, chinos, jeans or jeans style canvas with any style of rivets.
Knitted Sweater
Optional item as an extra layer. Cannot be worn instead of a jacket.
White (short or long sleeved) Shirts should be tucked in at all times.
School Tie
Must be worn every day. Colour appropriate to the students assigned school.
TBH Fitted Jacket
Must be worn every day. During lessons, the teacher will give permission for jackets to be removed when appropriate.
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