In order for your child to make the best possible progress at school it is essential that that they have a good attendance record. When a child’s school attendance drops behind their peers, it has a direct impact on their academic progress and self-esteem. At Tor Bridge High attendance is closely monitored by the school Attendance Officer and a member of the Senior Leadership Team, as well as the small school offices. We work closely with the local authority and operate a penalty fines procedure for cases of poor attendance. The school with be in contact with parents whose child’s attendance drops below an acceptable level.


Reporting a student’s absence / sickness

If your child is absent from school please phone the absence line to report this, it is essential that parents / carers must contact the school on every day your child is off.

Absence line (insert absence line)


Holidays and Absent requests.

Absence during term time will not be authorised, except in exceptional circumstances and if permission is sought in advance. Absence request forms can be obtained from the small school office.


Advice for encouraging a good attendance record.

We have found that the following points helps to encourage a good attendance record for students:


  • Not taking holiday in term time
  • Send your child in, even if they have a minor illness such a sore throat or a cold.
  • Using over the counter medication to help with minor illness.
  • Agreeing a time for phones, tablet and computers to be switched off.
  • Ensure that they arrive to school on time each day.


We do not authorise an absence if a student contact home and arranges to be collected by a parent/carer without following the school policy. The correct procedure is that a students sees a member of the school office, a judgement is made and then the school office will contact the parent / carer to discuss options.