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It is important that all students attend school every day so that they don’t miss out on learning and fall behind their peers who attend every day, because this has a direct impact on their academic progress and self-esteem.

We need to make you aware that an overall attendance of 97% means that your child has missed 35 lessons over a year and even this is seriously detrimental to their achievement. There is a very strong evidence base to show that GCSE results are lowered even after a few absences in a year.

The aim for every student is to attend school 100% of the time. To support your child to achieve this, please:

  • Do not take holidays in term time.

  • Do not condone absence for minor illnesses such as sore throats or colds as these will not be authorised. Please remind your child that coughs and colds always feel worse in the mornings, but they are no reason to take time off. There are many over the counter medications that can help and these are recommended to take before school to see them through the day. A pharmacist rather than a GP can help you with minor illnesses or complaints.

  • Agree a time for technology to be switched off and away from the bedroom and ensure that they settle down to sleep appropriate for their age (9.00pm KS3 and 10.00pm KS4).

  • Be aware when new releases of computer games are and ensure that your child is not finding an excuse to stay at home.

  • Ensure that they arrive to school on time.

  • Ensure that your child is well prepared for the day with their equipment and PE kit if required. Also ensure that their home learning has been completed (non-completion is sometimes used as an excuse not to come to school).

  • Make the school aware quickly of any concerns that you or they may have that could affect their attendance.

  • If your child is ill, contact their school office on the first day of absence and every day after that. When they return to school, please put a signed note in the planner with the start and end of the absence.

  • Make your medical appointments outside of lesson time. Where this is not possible, please let the school know in advance of the appointment by MyEd or phone call.

  • We do not authorise absence for holidays or for students with attendance below 92% or frequent periods of absence without medical evidence (such as prescription, medication, sick note). We will ask you to sign an information sharing form so that we can write to your GP under these circumstances. We are very aware of the pressures on GP surgeries without additional appointments asking for medical evidence.


We do not authorise an absence if a student independently arranges to be collected by a parent/carer without following the school policy. The correct procedure is that a student sees a member of staff from the school office, a judgement is made as to whether their illness prevents them from carrying on at school. The school office will then make contact with the parent/carer to inform them of their child’s illness.

Click here to download the Plymouth City Council "S2 Absence Request Form" if you wish to make an absence of leave request.  Permission must be sought at least 20 school days in advance and must only be for exceptional circumstances.

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