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The Tor Bridge Partnership comprises four schools: Tor Bridge High, Tor Bridge Primary, Plym Bridge Nursery School and Children's Centre and Cann Bridge School are located on one campus at Estover in north-east Plymouth, built as a Building Schools for the Future (BSF) project between 2009 and 2012.

We are an extremely ambitious team; the design and operational purpose of Tor Bridge is to give learners of all ages in all four schools access to all of the facilities on site. Our motto is: stronger together, creating better futures.

The Tor Bridge Partnership (TBP) is a committee comprised of the Chairs, Vice Chairs and Heads from the governing bodies of the four schools. It meets four times a year to discuss the partnership strategic improvement plan in the three areas of Education, Community and Sites and Business. Each school has its own expert governor committee typically comprising 5 or more full governors and a number of associates who provide specific advice and information. Committees meet approximately six times a year.

To raise the aspiration in learners in order to achieve a better life outcome:

  • To ensure that all learners have access to, and use the opportunities of quality learning provision personalised to their needs.
  • To promote and strengthen links, tiers and relationships with the local, regional and national community in order to improve aspiration, endorse education as providing life improvement opportunities and deliver support into the community through the use of skills and physical resources.
  • To maximize the opportunities for income generation of the partnership.
  • To identify and explore appropriate income generation opportunities to benefit the partnership schools.


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Welcome to Tor Bridge High from Mr. Roser, Headteacher

Welcome to our website, we hope that you find it both a useful source of day-to-day information and also somewhere that gives you a sense of what the school is like.

We hope these pages enable you to understand what we feel makes this school a great school in which students can learn and grow based on: high expectations for students of all abilities; a rich curriculum that is carefully sequenced and planned to reflect the needs of our students; and a clear focus on providing a springboard to a fulfilling, independent future for all our students, preparing them for the challenges that life beyond Tor Bridge High may present and to be the best that they can be. We deliver a broad curriculum, which enables students to achieve their full potential and facilitates personal development.

Whilst equipping them to engage in debates and conversations of their time, we prepare them for the challenges of our local, national and international society. All students, including those with limited exposure to different religions, cultures and travel outside of the immediate area, will have a curriculum that facilitates opportunities to expand their horizons and broaden their experience, overtly in creativity and the arts.

The whole experience of being a part of Tor Bridge High enables our students to attain high quality qualifications rooted in a deep foundation of transferrable knowledge and skills acquired from a wide range of subject areas. This is delivered through consistent, excellent standards of teaching and learning in order to achieve better than expected progress of our students. We maximise the development and sharing of best practice through team collaboration, working with schools locally and nationally and networking opportunities nationwide.

We whole heartedly encourage every member of the Tor Bridge High community to embrace difference, expect tolerance, require respect and challenge prejudice. We create a vibrant and all-embracing culture where staff and students are valued, nurtured and protected. We promote good behaviour through conduct, self-discipline and respect. Developing enthusiasm to ensure all aspects of learning, creativity and drive for academic success are achieved.

Working in partnership with families and other members of the Tor Bridge High community, we aim to broaden individuals’ awareness of understanding and contribution to local, national and global citizenship. We maximise opportunities for developing effective personal skills and qualifications, thereby extending students’ potential and aspirations to become the best that they can be.

Graham Roser


Free School Meals

Free School Meals

If you have a child attending a school or 6th form and you receive certain benefits, you may be entitled to claim free school meals.  Plymouth City Council is able to check your eligibility online, therefore minimising the need to provide proof of your entitlement.

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Additionally, you may be entitled to free school meals for your child in Junior and Secondary School. Pupils who receive income support in their own right are also entitled to receive free school meals.

If you require further guidance on qualifying benefits please contact the free school meals section. Free school meals are also available to disadvantaged students in further education and sixth form colleges. Please apply for free school meals by completing the online application form, button below. We will then await your child’s school to confirm your child’s attendance at your school and then process the application according.

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