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Careers – Parents

Many parents and carers want to be able to support their child when making decisions about their future. Children often speak to parents and carers as their first port of call but the job market and available options change so rapidly that it can be difficult to keep up. A parent's influence can have a huge impact on the ideas that the child has around careers and so keeping up to date is incredibly important. 

There is a wealth of opportunities out there for young people, many of which didn’t exist 10 years ago. Please find here resources which can help you understand and support your child with their careers' education. Whether you want to find out more information about universities, student finance or apprenticeships, you should be able to find everything through these links. Please also take a look at the other sections on the careers pages such as Post 16 options, Post 18 options, work experience and Labour Market Information.

The Careers Adviser, Miss Wright, is available at our parent/carer events such as academic mentoring days, Year 9 Options Evening, Post 16 Options Evening and Year 12 Expectations Evening. Please feel free to use this opportunity to find out more about your child’s careers education


If your child is in Years 9-13, you can use The Pay Index (TPI) to explore the financial benefits of going to university or doing an apprenticeship and understand how salaries vary in different areas of the UK.


Parent/Carer sign-up instructions:


· Complete the form to create an account

· Please select Tor Bridge High as the school of your child but in the year group option please select “Parent/Carer”


All Tor Bridge High students have access to their own careers platform. You as a parent/carer can access it, too. This has a wealth of information and options from CV tools to university research. 

Click on the link and use the form code TOBRparents

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