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Technology - Core

Technology is a multi-disciplinary subject which is inspiring , motivating and practical in approach. Learning draws on a wealth of cross curricular subject knowledge, skills and approaches to develop products and processes that address real and relevant problems within varied contexts. Students acquire a broad range of knowledge and experience, drawing from disciplines such as Maths, Science and Art, to develop an overall capability in Technology.

The application of knowledge in the development of technical and practical processes underpin our Technology learning, together with the study and evaluation of past, present and future innovations. Students develop an awareness of the impact of technology on our lives and society, and are able to become discerning, resourceful, innovative and capable citizens.

Technology - Core


Technology – Curriculum Ambition:

Our aims for students at Tor Bridge High are to:

• Understand the bigger picture – interlinking subjects with application in the real world, both vocationally and as discerning citizens

• Become confident ‘self-managers’ in the solving of everyday problems within the context of an increasingly technical society

• Be resourceful, employable young people, with the desire to develop vocational and career aspirations

• Be able to draw on knowledge gained, to be critical users of technology, materials and energy use within the context of sustainability for the future

• Become innovative and enterprising, recognising opportunities and constraints

• Develop creativity and recognise that innovation is key to our future development

• Become aware of the impact of technologies on our social systems and environment

Our Local Context

Plymouth manufacturing and technical industries contribute more than tourism to the local economy, with these industries employing around one in eight local people. This ranks Plymouth amongst the biggest industrial employers per capita, of any city in the south of England.

At Tor Bridge, we aim to foster an interest in technical careers, which will allow our students to become the next highly skilled workforce. We maintain our belief that students should be well-prepared and knowledgeable about current and future technical careers, and aim to provide practical experience of a broad range of technology related subjects through our key stage 3 Technology curriculum, where students experience a wide range of vocationally relevant areas of study, followed by options to study a choice of five subjects up to year 11.

All students study the following on a rotation system in years 7-8.

Hospitality and Catering, Engineering, Computer Science, Design & Technology and i-Media. The structure of each unit typically comprises elements of subject knowledge and the development of applied technical skills.

Knowledge and skills are combined during the completion of an integrated project with a theme or context, which allow students to develop an overall ‘capability’ within each subject.

Each unit is taught over three (hour-long) lessons a week over a 7-8 week period, 20-24 hrs, providing depth and focus, and allow all areas to be covered by all students in both yr 7 and 8 by the end of each year. Students are taught by specialist teachers in each area of study, allowing a real depth of technical knowledge to be developed.


During Key Stage 4, students begin their chosen Technology pathway.


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