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Technology - Hospitality & Catering

The Hospitality industry in the south west is a major employer and represents real opportunities for careers for our students. It is also important for our local communities to understand how to live a healthy lifestyle through making informed nutrition and food preparation choices on a daily basis. All students are encouraged during key stage 3 technology to develop healthy eating and cooking routines, which will sustain a healthy lifestyle. This continues into key stage 4 through the further extension of these principles, and then builds further to add a more commercial emphasis in year 10-11. During year 9, students build their confidence in the kitchen using a wider variety of utensils and equipment as an extension from the basics learned in year 7-8. Students move on to further develop knowledge of the Hospitality sector and the Catering sector, including front of house and the kitchen brigade. Students will be stretched by using high skilled preparation, planning and cooking methods.

Technology - Hospitality & Catering


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Year 9 – Foundation Course in food preparation with the aim of consolidating and extending the level of competence and skills covered in year 7-8.

Year 10-11 Subject content is expanded to include the requirements of WJEC Hospitality and Catering.

Unit 1 - External Exam worth 40%:

A01 – Understanding the environment in the Hospitality and Catering industry.

A02 – Understand how Hospitality and Catering provisions operate.

A03 – Understand how Hospitality and Catering provision meets health and safety requirements.

A04 – Know how food can cause ill health

Unit 2 - Coursework and practical exam worth 60%:

Nutrients, special dietary needs, deficiencies and excess, cooking methods, planning a menu, Environmental issues, Time planning, preparing to cook a two-course meal with compliments.

Teachers will monitor and observe students throughout practical’s. Explain and model high skill preparing and cooking skills. Teachers will support and give students feedback throughout their lessons so that students make rapid progress.

Pengelly’s fishmongers visit – sustainable fishing, line caught fish and the fishing industry in Devon and Cornwall and throughout the EU.

City College visit – using industrial kitchens, information about Further Education and jobs in the hospitality and catering sector.

Miss Browns – Young entrepreneur from Plymouth sharing her experiences and how to open up your own business.


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