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How to Revise

Knowing how to revise successfully takes time, you need to practice it and works out what works for you. For each of the mock exams this year we want you to revise as fully as you can so you know what you’ll do for the final exams.

Please find revision ideas for each subject in the mock exam folders on the main Year 11 revision page.


Don't listen to music, podcasts or videos...

You might think it helps you to concentrate , but academic studies have shown that it actually doesn't...

It might seem that revision feels less of a drag but listening to music means your brain is having to split its focus between two processes at the same time.


Plan your revision...

You should start early, being well underway by Easter break...


Work out how long you need to spend on each topic and subject. Include these:

  • How and when will you test yourself?

  • Do you know who to see if you are stuck?

  • When will you relax and allow your brain time to soak all that revision in?

  • Don't leave it until the last minute!


Be active!

Just re-reading your notes is probably not going to be the best approach to revision...

Use your notes as guidance to create revision mind maps and fun quick ways like flashcards to remember and recall the information you've noted down. 


Test yourself...

You're about to be tested on your knowledge, so why not get in early and test yourself first?

Use all of the information you have gathered and spend time testing yourself on what you've been able to retain. The more your test the more you'll recall. Use the flashcards you've created to plug the holes in your knowledge.

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