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Multi-Academy Trust

As a school which is currently a single academy trust, we have recently been working with the Ted Wragg Multi Academy Trust to further improve the provision we are able to offer the students within our care here at Tor Bridge High (TBH). As a Multi Academy Trust (MAT), they have capacity that is in addition to that which we can access as a standalone school. This support has been of incredible value to staff at school.

Moving forward, the Senior Leadership Team and Governors here at TBH would like to continue working with the Ted Wragg Trust (TWT) more formally by starting the process of becoming part of the Multi Academy Trust. This will bring many benefits to all of us but ultimately is in the best interests of the students and you, the community we serve.

If you wish to make a comment or suggestion to the Headteachers Advisory Board regarding Tor Bridge High starting the process to join Ted Wragg Multi Academy Trust please do so by following this link:

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