Congratulations Mia!

Nuffield Research Graduation for Mia Mackenzie.

Congratulations to Mia Mackenzie who has, this week, graduated from a challenging and fascinating Nuffield Research Scheme. Mia had to complete a work experience placement which involved an engaging, hands-on research project. 

Whilst there, Mia had the opportunity to make a meaningful contribution towards the work of her host organisation (Centre for Reproduction and Gynaecology Wales and West). Mia spent time working closely with her mentor, Dr Acharya, to investigate the role of AMH (Anti-Mullerian Hormone) in the success of IVF. 

Using patient records, Mia was able to establish that AMH levels correlated with pregnancy and age, and were an important factor in the chances of IVF success. Mia presented her findings to a large graduation audience and answered challenging questions about her research processes and outcomes. 

This project has helped cement in Mia’s mind her wish to pursue a career in medicine, and enable her to learn invaluable research skills in a professional healthcare environment. Mia is currently in Year 13 and is preparing for university having just completed her medicine entrance exams. We are excited to support her on her journey to become a doctor!

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