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Storm Ciaran

Dear parents and carers,


You may have seen from the Met Office that there is currently an amber weather warning coming into effect overnight for Devon as Storm Ciaran moves across the country.  An amber weather warning presents a risk to life but there is also a large amount of uncertainty about this weather front which means it could increase to red overnight. Whilst it is always the school’s priority to remain open in order to maintain the students’ learning, this is balanced with the safety of our students and staff.  Due to a variety of factors including safety, staffing levels due to other school closures in the area and likely travel disruptions we have taken the decision to close our school tomorrow, Thursday 2nd November 2023.


Lessons will be posted on Google Classroom and all students should log in to access learning materials as if they were following their normal timetable on a Thursday. Students will know how to access Google Classroom however a ‘How to access Google Classroom’ video can be found at:


If there are issues with Google Classroom learning resources, students can access lessons on the Oak National Academy website. Please select the correct Key stage (KS3 year 7, 8 &9 and KS 4  year 10 &11) and then choose the subject and topic currently being studied in school.

Key Stage 3:


Key Stage 4:


We plan to reopen as normal on Friday 3rd November.


Keep safe.


With very best wishes,

Graham Roser

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