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Humanities - Health & Social Care

It is suitable for students who wish to work with people in the future, usually within a caring, social care, or medical profession, especially at a time when the demographics of the city and country are becoming more and more dependent on health services. It encourages students to examine issues such as quality of life, the importance of support when improving health, personal development and relationships which ties into the school’s ethos of Stronger together, creating better futures.

Humanities - Health & Social Care


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What Will I Study?

Yr9 the students cover the underlying principles of health and social care such as growth and development across the growth stages and the factors that affect it. In Yr10 we have learning about factors that affect health and wellbeing, interpreting health indicators, as well as person centred health and wellbeing improvement plans which continues through to Yr11.

How Will I Be Assessed?

There are 4 controlled assessments; two completed in Yr10 and two in Yr11. Students also need to be involved in a role play activity where their application of the care values is assessed. In addition to this, they need to complete an external exam which is marked by the examining board.

Other Health & Social Care Experiences

Visits to local university days which encourage students to learn more about the topics and develop their interest in working in health and social care environments. For work experience, students are encouraged to find out more about working in a health and social care environment, if they wish to pursue a career in this field, through first-hand experience in a ‘real world’ environment such as a nursery.


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No Course Available

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